How to Stop Cats Eating Each Other's Food

Do you have more than one cat? Does one cat try to steal the other’s food? Do you see or hear protests as one cat helps themselves to their sibling’s dinner?

It’s an age-old problem.

Even though we regard cats as fully domesticated, their urge to feed is as strong as it has ever been. So even though one cat may have no conscious desire to steal their companion’s food, instinct can take over.

They could spend all day together curled up sharing warmth and play together all day long. But, as soon as there’s food around, all that companionship goes out the window.

It’s something all owners with multiple pets have to contend with. Whether that’s multiple cats, multiple dogs, cats and dogs or other types of animals.

So, how can you overcome a natural instinct? How can you stop your cats from eating each other’s food?

By using our own human instinct - and technology - to innovate.

Stop cats stealing each other’s food

So, to make sure we maintain fairness at mealtimes for our cats we’re going to share four ways to help prevent your cats from stealing each others food. Each works slightly differently but can bring a little order and calmness to dinner time.

Monitor mealtimes

The easiest way to stop cats from eating each other’s food is to feed at set times and monitor them.

Put down cat food at the same time at the same place every day and watch them eat. Your furry friends will soon learn when meal time is and will very likely be sitting behind you watching your every move.

As they eat, you can ensure they don’t steal each other’s food and intervene should one cat decide they are extra hungry.

The downside of this method is that it’s no good for cats who prefer to graze instead of eat set meals and you have to be around all the time.

That’s no good for busy people or if you’re at work.

Use microchip cat feeders

You’ve heard of microchip cat flaps, right? Flaps that only allow cats with the correct microchip into your house? But did you know you can get microchip cat feeders too?

Well, you can. Microchip cat feeders use the same principles as the microchip cat flap.

It’s an award-winning concept that helps control portion sizes, delivers fresh food or helps stop cats eating each other’s food.

Microchip feeders for multiple cats could be the answer to encouraging sharing and stopping one hungry cat from stealing food from others.

The feeder will only open for the correct microchip. Give each of your cats their own chip and their own microchip feeder and you could stop stealing for good.

Cats will soon figure out they can’t steal each other’s food and will stick to their own feeder.

Microchip feeders for cats also overcomes the need to be present at mealtimes and means your cats can eat in harmony whether you’re there or not.

Automatic pet feeders

Automatic pet feeders are another option but they are less ‘secure’ than microchip cat feeders.

They work on a timer and will release food on a schedule you set. They can provide portion control and access to regular mealtimes but won’t protect one cat’s food from a hungrier companion.

Automatic pet feeders excel at delivering food on a set schedule to help maintain your cats routine. Load the feeder with food, set the timer and show your cat where their food will be.

It’s a very simple concept that keeps the whole family happy.

It can help stop cat’s stealing each other’s food in that there can be a finite time to eat but isn’t as secure as a microchip cat feeder.

Feed in separate rooms

Feeding your cats in separate rooms is an option but not the best one.

It is a way to try to ensure one cat doesn’t steal another’s food, but you still need to be there to control everything.

If one cat eats faster than the others, there’s nothing stopping them going into another room and helping themselves to their siblings’ food. Unless you close the door on each cat, there’s still an opportunity for a little raiding.

Plus, if you feed separately, you’ll also need to provide water and perhaps a litter tray in each room too.

That’s less than ideal!

Stopping cats from eating each other’s food

Those are the four ways to stop cats eating each other's food.

Being present and managing mealtimes is the simplest but the most time consuming. It’s also not ideal for working families.

The best option overall is the MiBowl Automatic Microchip Pet Feeder from Closer Pets. Use multiple microchip feeders for multiple cats and you alleviate the food stealing issue without causing a fuss or a family feud.

You get to continue with your day without having to play meal monitor and your furry friends get their own food without having to be on their guard or worry about a sibling stealing their dinner.

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