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Three-year product guarantee

Thanks so much for buying a Closer Pets product. You and your pet companion are all set to start enjoying your new gadget – and even better, it comes with a three-year product guarantee to protect your purchase!


Our guarantee

At Closer Pets, we’re all about bringing you closer to your pet – for the long haul. That’s why we offer a three-year guarantee as standard on every Closer Pets product.*

We’re incredibly proud of the design, quality and durability of our products and want you and your pet to be able to enjoy the practical capabilities and ease of use of every single product, every single day!

Our guarantee promises that in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, our team will investigate the issue with you to find a solution, whether that be a repair or a replacement product – free of charge – as long as the issue wasn’t caused by neglect, misuse or as a result of normal wear and tear - it’s a bit like a comfort blanket.

To make submitting a claim even easier, simply register your product below and our customer service team will be able to find your details if
you raise a claim in the future.


*Please be aware that our three-year guarantee is not classed as proof of purchase, and a copy of your original receipt or invoice will be required to validate any guarantee claim. The guarantee is only from the initial purchase date and does not start again when you are sent a replacement. Also, pre-owned/pre-loved goods and spare or replacement parts are not eligible for repair or replacement under our guarantee. 

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