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Dog Fountains FAQs

Have you ever noticed your dog will try to drink from a stream or fresh puddle? Dogs are naturally drawn to fresh water. It’s instinctive and helped them avoid the perils of drinking stagnant water in the wild.

If that water is fresh running water, even better. Dogs like drinking from streams and rivers as it would have had fewer risks when dogs were wild. Dog fountains use that same instinct for their benefit.

A clean dog bowl is great, but if your dog hesitates or doesn’t like drinking from it, a fountain will surely work!

Many dog fountains clean the water as well as provide it. Some dog fountains will have a single filter while others will have two. Even though dogs are less sensitive to contaminants than humans, chemicals and debris from water can ruin the flavor.

The filters are mainly there to protect the fountain but also benefit the dog too.

You do need to keep the dog fountain clean. The filters will clean the water but you need to keep the filter and the fountain itself clean. A simple wipe down daily should be sufficient.

You can wash the bowl in hot water and put some fountain bowls in the dishwasher. Check the instructions on your particular dog fountain for specifics.

Some dog fountains can be used outdoors but the majority of them are for use inside. They are designed to be quiet and not splash or spill so should provide little or no risk indoors.

Closer Pets provides a range of dog fountains in different sizes to suit different dogs. Some of the smaller dog fountains will be ideal for miniature or small dogs, or even cats.

Some of our larger dog fountains should be suitable for large or even giant dogs. For example, the smaller two liter pet fountain is mainly for cats and small dogs due to the size of the bowl.

The larger six liter pet fountain is large enough for just about any breed of dog to use safely. It's also designed to still allow smaller dogs to use, ideal when you have different sized dogs in the house!

Our dog fountains do need mains power. They all come with a mains power lead of up to 3m and a plug already fitted. You’ll need to place the fountain close to a socket and ensure power is always provided to the fountain to make it work.

No, Closer Pets dog fountains do not need mains water. They use a water storage tank which you fill from the tap. The different size dog fountains we sell have different tank capacities, which correspond to the size of the dog and how much they are likely to drink.

Maintain the water levels and top up when necessary and you’ll be fine.