Cat Mate 3-Level, 70 fl. oz. Pet Fountain - BPA and BHT Free with 3-Stage Filter and Low Voltage Pump

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Anyone who’s witnessed a cat drinking from a dripping tap will know that pets absolutely love moving water. So, what better way to satisfy your kitty’s craving, than with the Multi-height Pet Fountain with Polymer-carbon Filter?

With three levels of drinking stations, this modern pet fountain provides plenty of water movement to ensure naturally oxygenated, tasty water. It even includes a polymer-carbon filter to help this unique thirst-quencher continue to provide a healthy dose of H2O throughout the day. 

This three-level drinking fountain from Cat Mate is suitable for cats of all sizes and even smaller dogs – if they can get a look in, that is!

Key features:

  • Suitable for cats and small dogs
  • 70 Fl. Oz. capacity
  • Multi-height drinking stations
  • Ramp reduces water splashing
  • I.P.S. (Isolated Pump System) for super-quiet operation
  • Polymer-carbon filter for water purification (replacement cartridges available below). We recommend you change the filter every month
  • Easy-to-clean, dishwasher-proof bowls.

Product specifications and additional info:

  • Low-voltage power supply with 3m (10’) lead
  • 3-year guarantee on fountain. Pump guaranteed for 12 months.


UPC: 035368003357


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