Puppy love – What to prepare for your new arrival

Here at Closer Pets, we understand that there are a *lot* of decisions to make and things to consider before you decide to introduce a bright-eyed bundle of energy to your family unit. It’s vital to do your research – be sure that you’re fully ready to commit to having a canine companion by your side, and are prepared to put in the legwork when adding four more paws to your household!

From feeding, walking and training to vaccinations, socialization and puppy-proofing your home – the need to thoroughly prepare is real. Read on for just some of the ways that our Closer Pets products can help you both ease into your exciting new life together. 

Puppy dog eyes

The very first step is to look around your home and garden through the eyes of a new pooch – after all, what may seem run-of-the-mill to us humans can be a green light for fun and frolics to a puppy. While the happy factor is, of course, key for your furry new friend, a home that isn’t properly puppy-proofed is sadly an accident that’s waiting to happen, so make sure you have some puppy-friendly toys at the ready to keep them occupied.

So it’s time to get down on your hands and knees to spot any likely hazards that may not be apparent from up high! Here are a few things to be mindful of:

  • Dangling fabrics, wires and string – A few tugs, and things could quickly unravel…
  • Household toxins and keeping rubbish safe – These definitely shouldn’t feature on the dog menu of the day and should be kept out of paws’ reach.
  • Cupboards, drawers and general furniture – Puppies are good at getting up but usually not down, and a tumble could easily result in sprains or broken bones.
  • Small objects – These can be easily chewed and/or swallowed, and foreign matter just doesn’t agree with little tummies.
    • Breakables – Keep these well out of reach to avoid any tears before snooze time.

Munchies and drinkies

There are many different approaches to take to ensure your cute new canine has a healthy, balanced diet. Not only that, but puppies grow 20 times faster than adult dogs, meaning they need a special diet to support their rapid physical development – for this reason, ensure you’re feeding them the recommended high-quality, complete puppy food (speak to the rescue centre, breeder or your vet if in any doubt).

The Closer Pets team know all too well just how busy this new chapter will be when you’ve got an extra snout to feed, which is where our range of smart pet products comes in to give you a helping paw. Designed to make life that much easier, they’re cleverly designed to free up your precious time, meaning you have more energy for all those (at first short) walks!

  • Dog feeders – Our ever-popular automatic dog feeders are a handy addition to your puppy kit list to keep your peckish little pooch well fed (and therefore happy). All dogs – great and small – never forget when mealtime is, and the beauty of our pet feeders is that they’ll help you to stick to a set routine and portion size, both of which are a must for new pups.

Our programmable dispensers can schedule multiple meals in advance and reliably serve fresh, consistent portions at regular intervals. Naturally, you’re unlikely to leave your puppy on its own, or at least certainly for the first few weeks. But for those brief occasions where you just need to pop out, be assured that each meal will be served up on time regardless – just remember to keep both the food and feeder separate from the doggy sleeping area (a crate or bed with plenty of warm blankets).

  • Dog fountains – Dogs instinctively know that running water is healthier than still water, which might explain why they’re magically drawn to it! Keeping your puppy hydrated throughout the day is of the utmost importance to ensure they maintain that endless energy for play and exercise, plus it keeps toxins flushed out and promotes all-round healing, too.


With varying levels of drinking stations, our range of dog drinking fountains provides lots of water movement for that yummy, naturally oxygenated water, and they promote increased drinking after a day of thirst-inducing exploration. What’s more, the filters in our fountains trap any nasties, and remove chlorine and other odors to keep your petit pooch fully refreshed.

Doorway to freedom

Life for a puppy is one big adventure. Having the freedom to take those intrepid trots both inside the comfort of their new home and braver strides in the great outdoors (on their puppy-friendly lead/harness, sporting the legally required collar and ID tag with some poo bags in tow, of course!) is as vital for their early development as it is for supporting ongoing healthy levels of exercise, mental stimulation and safety as they grow.

Having access between these two worlds is also crucial, so that your furry friend knows they can independently take a little light relief once they’re out of puppy training pads – not to mention being able to escape were anything to happen, such as a household fire. With simple locking mechanisms and draught- and weather-resistant seals, our dog doors are suitable for a range of breeds, can be easily installed in UPVC, wood, glass or walls, plus they come with a three-year guarantee.

We’ve covered the key things you’ll need to prepare ahead of your four-legged friend’s fanfare arrival this Christmas. We do, however, advise that you nonetheless check with the rescue centre, breeder or your vet for all key requirements. Don’t forget to continue browsing our range of handy dog products and accessories too, as Closer Pets would be delighted to start you and your precious puppy off on your life-long journey together – it’s not too late to add to your Christmas wish list!

Some of you may have had the extra special experience of finding a dashing, prancing pup under your tree this Christmas. The phrase ‘puppy love’ can refer to a passing crush on someone or something in the early stages of a relationship – here at Closer Pets, we stand for the fact that while pets make a family complete, a puppy is for life, and not just for the festive season. It goes without saying that taking on a pet is a huge commitment – remember that your pocket-sized pooch will soon develop into a beautiful adult dog who will be part of your family unit for many years to come. We hope this blog helps you start life off on the right paw together!

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