Cat Mate 3-Level, 70 fl. oz. Pet Fountain - BPA and BHT Free with 3-Stage Filter and Low Voltage Pump

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Water Boy
Intelligently designed, value priced

I have had four to five household cats for years and have been using fountains for a long time, so I have a good idea what features are useful and what can be a hassle to deal with. This very compact multi-level fountain comes in right at the top of my list of favorites.
It is small, considerably smaller than ones I've used before. The others held a good bit more water, but I've found that having to add water every two days or so helps to keep the water from remaining in the tank too long. Even with a good filter, eventually food and hair build up in the big ones, clouding the water. This size is just right for a fairly large brood of cats to maintain plenty of hydration with relatively little addition of water.

Mine took all of about 12 hours to get acquainted with it and start to use it enthusiastically. They drink from different heights, for some reason, but they all seem to love it.

This is a breeze to clean, too, compared to some with labyrinthine twists and turns in the underside or bowl. The plastic material seems to clean up easily in our water, and the pump is the standard one you see in many fountains. It is quiet and dependable, when cleaned at regular intervals.

All in all, this fountain is a great find, and a real value if your goal is to get your cats to drink more water. I highly recommend it, and would buy one just like it should this one ever need to be replaced. I see why it has hundreds of five-star reviews to its credit.

Hi there,

Thanks so much for this detailed review and I'm glad to hear that you and your cats are happy with your new fountain! I'm very pleased to hear your feline friends have taken to the fountain so quickly and that you are finding the product easy to clean.

Best wishes,

Only lasted 14 months

I bought this fountain a year ago September and it was working great until a week ago when it just stopped. Thought it was my electric outlet but it wasn’t. The motor just stopped working. I keep it very clean, and only use filtered water. Now I have to buy another one. Maybe they’re only made to last a year?

Hi Joanie,

I’m sorry to hear that your fountain has stopped working.

If you contact our customer service team at they would be happy to troubleshoot with you to see if we can help you get the fountain working again.

Alternatively, the pump is guaranteed for 12 months for a replacement, however, if you are past this period, we do offer a replacement pump on our website to prevent you needing to purchase a whole new fountain, found here:

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,

Problem solved!

My cat (8 months old) was drinking out of everything EXCEPT his water bowl. I figured I had nothing to lose, so why not try it? It has been a success. He drinks so much more water now. It requires more maintenance than a regular water bowl, of course. But it's worth it. If your cat likes to drink out of everything BUT his water bowl, get this water fountain.

Hi there,

Thank you for leaving us a review for the pet fountain! I'm glad to hear your cat is getting the H2O he needs and, as long as you replace the filter once a month, their water should stay fresh and clean all day long!

Best wishes,

Weird gray shreds coming out but Customer Service is good

I bought this in March this year (2022, also brushes, the replacement filters. I recently washed the pump out and let it dry on the rack. When I put the unit back together, weird translucent gray shreds of plastic or something else, keep coming up in the water. It has a 1 year guarantee on pump. I contacted manufacturer Pet Mate and they walked me through how to clean this out and said if it didn't work to call for pump replacement. In addition to washing the pump and impeller with soap and then vinegar, it took quite a number of rinses and running vinegar through for 2 hours before the gray shreds stopped. Then had to rinse clean for 2 times to get vinegar out. I think could have been hard water OR something in pump but all clear now..

Roger K
My animals seem to like it it took a little bit of time to get used to it

At first they were skeptical because they use the same bowl for a number of years but after they got used to it they now seem to love it and they all female cats are now using it and have no fear of it and it seems to be that they life is quite well thank you it's a good product in my opinio

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