Is this suitable for a small dog?
Yes, for dogs up to a 14” shoulder height.

Are extension tunnels available for this model?
Yes, these are available in 50mm/2” sections on our website, Part No. 400. They are sold singularly or in multi-packs.

The flap is sticking open slightly when the cat comes through.
1. If this a new installation, is there light showing more on one side of the
swinging flap than the other? If yes, this would point to a fitting issue.
2. If no and an older install, we would advise checking if the frame and
flap magnets are present.

Can this be installed in glass?
No, you need the Cat Mate Large Glass Fitting Cat Flap Part No. 357W.

Can I get a replacement flap?
Yes, the Part Number is 913, available on our website.

I’ve found the locks are missing or broken. Is it possible to replace them?
Replacement locks are available to our order on our website, Part Ref: M221SP2.


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