How do I move the lock?
The product comes complete with a tamper-proof lock. Simply press and
hold down on the centre of the lock to move left and right to lock and unlock.

What thickness of panel is this product suitable for?
The product is self-lining to 13mm. This model is particularly recommended
for thin panel doors and screens.

What if my panel is thicker than 13mm?
The equivalent product would be the Cat Mate Lockable Cat Flap with Door Liner, Ref: 234. Suitable for panels up to 50mm thickness.

Is the product draught- and weatherproof?
The product is supplied with a draught-and weatherproof fully brush-sealed
flap with magnetic closure.

What is the size of the opening the cat goes through?
Approximately 145mm x 145mm (14.5×14.5cm or 5.7×5.7’’).

Are spare parts available?
Yes. Spare parts, such as a replacement flap (Part No. 934) and lock, are available on our website.

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