I have received the pump but there is no plug.
Fish Mate pond pumps are supplied with 10 metres of electrical cable but
no plug, in accordance with current legislation.

Can I use it for a filter and a fountain?
Yes, as long as the flow is sufficient for both your applications.

Does it have a foam filter?
No, the strainer casing is less prone to blockage and easier to clean than
conventional foam filters.

What size fuse should I use?
It must be protected by a 3AMP fuse and it must be wired through an RCD
circuit breaker (maximum 30mA).

Can I use it just for a fountain?
Yes, the flow can be adjusted with the valve.

Can I use it just for a filter/waterfall?
Yes, use the T piece if you want to control/reduce the flow or connect the hose directly to the pump for maximum flow.

Are there service kits available?
Yes, these are available to order on our website.

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