I want to keep one cat in and allow free access to another cat.
This cat flap allows for individual access settings (see your instruction booklet).
You will be able to set different lock access options for different cats.

I have changed the batteries but now nothing works.
Please remove all batteries for at least three hours and replace with new,
good-quality alkaline batteries.

I have replaced the batteries. Do I need to reprogram my cat’s ID disc?
No, the information is retained.

Does it work with an implanted microchip?
No, this model is only compatible with the Cat Mate ID discs, Part No. 310.
Microchips will not program to or operate this model.

My cat is not microchipped.
Please use a Cat Mate ID Disc on the collar.

How do I know when the batteries need changing?
The low battery indicator will show (this will only work correctly with
alkaline batteries).

How long do the batteries last?
Good-quality alkaline batteries should last for 9-12 months for one cat.

How do I put it in training mode?
Press and hold the ‘PROG’ button and, within 3 seconds, press and
release the ‘4 WAY’ button. After 5 seconds the lock will unlock and the
‘PROG’ button should then be released. The ‘IN & OUT’ symbol will
remain flashing.

How many cats can I program to the cat flap?
You can program a total of nine cats. However, only the first three will show
on the display.

The flap is not fully closing.
The screws either side of centre horizontal are too tight, so try loosening a little.

Can I set individual locking options for different cats?
Yes, full instructions on how to do this will be in the supplied instruction manual.

Can I set individual timed lock options?
Yes, if you need to limit access for one cat, you can set individual entry and exit.

Can I get a replacement flap?
Yes, these are available on our website (Part No. 931).

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