MiBowl and MiBowl+ 

Is MiBowl app-enabled?

No, only the MiBowl+ connects to the Closer Pets App.


The lid won’t close correctly.

Ensure the lid fits into the slots, and that the bowl is sitting correctly in the unit.


Is the feeder dishwasher-safe?

The bowl is dishwasher-safe and suitable for the top drawer only (see Tips on page 11 of the user manual)


Is this product made from BPA-free plastic?

The bowl is polypropylene and BPA-free.


How much does each bowl hold?

The bowl holds up to 340g (12oz) (four pouches) of wet food (or the equivalent volume of dried food).


Can I get replacement bowls or lids?

Yes, they’re available on our website.


Can I use milk/cat soup in the feeder?

Yes, the feeder is designed for wet food (tins or pouches) or dry food/biscuits or liquids.


I’ve replaced the batteries. Do I need to reprogram my cat’s ID disc?

No, the microchip information is retained by MiBowl®.


Does it work with a Cat Mate ID disc?

Yes. This model is fully compatible with the Cat Mate ID discs.


My cat isn’t microchipped. How can I use this product?

This model is fully compatible with the Cat Mate ID disc found on our website.


How do I know when the batteries need changing?

The battery warning light will flash for several minutes after opening the lid (see page 9 of the user manual)


How long do the batteries last?

Good-quality alkaline batteries should last for six months for one cat. If the unit is located in a high-traffic area, the battery life will be affected as the unit has a forward-pointing sensor.


How many cats can I program to the MiBowl®?

Up to 10 pets can have their microchip programmed to the feeder. However, this is the perfect automatic feeder to regulate food intake and monitor pets with separate diets. With only the one pet programmed, only your pet with the special diet will be able to access the feeder.


Do you have to use the tag, or does this work by reading my cat’s microchip?

The MiBowl® is fully compatible with both the Cat Mate ID discs and your cat's implanted microchip.



How many MiBowl+ feeders can you connect to the same MiHub?

You can connect 8 MiBowl+ feeders to one MiHub. If you would like to add more than 8 then you would need a second MiHub with a separate account.


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