14-feed Automatic Aquarium Fish Feeder (F14)

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Customer Reviews

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Great for vacations

We bought this to feed our fish tanks while we were on vacation and it worked well. It isn't great for really small, like betta size, pellets because they can get caught on the ledge as it turns, but it worked well for the larger pellets we used.

Could be better for bettas.

This was a bit confusing at first, but after running it through a few turns by hand, I was able to get it set up.If you've used a standard timer-wheel based lamp timer for while you're away, then this is based on the same concept. When it comes to setting-up the device, that's where it gets tricky. Using 2-mm sized pellets (what my bettas are used to), good luck getting just the right amount in the each compartment, because at some point you'll drop-in twice the amount you meant to and as you try to retrieve them and you end-up displacing the ring. Then you have to start all over again, which you do, only to find that the pellets aren't getting dispensed as they should, and you find that some of the minuscule pellets got trapped under the dispensing wheel, which means pellets aren't getting swept to the drop hole. And you start all over again.As one reviewer said, the food doesn't dispense the specific feeding allotment at the time you set it for, instead making it more like a trickle-in type feeding as time goes by. I have little problem with that, for the most part, except then why have dispensing at specific times, as the device is supposed to do? Either way, it was helpful to know this as I ran a test run and kept expecting it to dispense at a specific time. You definitely need to run it at least a few days, but ideally a full week to see how if it works for you before you go out of town. In the end, I still had to ask my neighbor to periodically check on the two tanks to make sure it looked like my bettas were getting some food. One thing that I did to help keep track of how the feeder works, is I used a label maker to put numbers on each slot, so I could easily see that the ring was rotating. I wish it came already numbered.Overall, the device is cheaply made and inefficient for small amounts of food, but it works. I would like to see this made with smaller compartments, so that it could feed for more than just 14 feedings, because if your fish is used to twice daily feedings, that just barely gets you by for 7 days, and most vacations are from weekend to weekend, which means you are probably gone for 8-10 days. Feeding a single betta fish shouldn't be rocket science; we're trying to feed a fairly small solitary fish a small amount once or twice a day. It's just that no one has really tried.

About the right size

It worked for 4 days but then it stop working,I also think it's a bit over priced for being cheaply built.

Jasper's mom
This thing let me have a 15 day vacation!

I was so happy with this purchase. I bought two of these to feed two bettas for a 15 day vacation (came back on the 15th day feeding). It was a little confusing at first to figure out how the pins work and what catches to create the movement of the wheel but after testing it out and examining the instruction pictures, I figured it out. I tested it with colored beads so that I could track which way the wheel was going, not that it matters if you are using the entire wheel, but for shorter trips that may be important. These feeders successfully fed both fish with only 3 tiny pellets that I could find undistributed in total between the two. Our bettas are in a divided 5 gallon tank, one each side with a feeding hole in the lid on each side. We sat one of these up on each tank side with heavy books to the height of the aquarium over the top of the feeding holes. It was a great temporary solution! This is well worth the price of purchase and the best solution I have seen for bettas.

The only community tank feeder you'll ever need!

This is the only feeder that I've found that lets you control exactly how much food to give at meal intervals, and also the only feeder that lets you use a variety of foods! I have a community tank with corydoras, snails, tetras, and a betta and they can all have their different foods and different treats on whatever schedule I need.

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