1000 GBIO Gravity Pond Filter (228)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Cary R.
Great little filter

I have four large red eared slider turtles... In the winters I bring them inside and keep them in a 100 gallon stock tank. I have always used an extra-large aquarium canister filter for the tank, but 4 turtles can really tax one of those. My latest filter recently died, so I was looking for something more simple -- this gravity fed system is perfect. I got a nice variable speed 24V submersible pump and hooked it up to this filter and so far it seems to be working really well. The girls seem to really like the falling water (guess they miss the outdoor waterfall)I added a couple silicone 90 degree automotive hose couplers to direct the outflow straight down (I'm sure there are cheaper solutions, but these are sturdy and were very easy to attach with a couple of hose clamps)

Redford Michigan Gardener
It Works!

My small in pond Tetra filter wasn't able to clear the water. After using a bottle of algecide over a period of time, I added the Fish-mate biofilter. Now I can see my goldfish and rocks on the bottom of the pond.

Great external Pond Filter

I have had this filter for close to 15 years. My pond is 10'x5' and 3' - 4' deep. It keeps my pond Crystal clear. I saw the review where the person said the water comes out the top. This will not happen if the filter is level. I let the water flow out the two large holes. I like the sound and the fish like the flow. In this picture I found this cute thatch roof bird feeder I put on top to hide the filter.

Cha Mil
Easy peasy bio filter

Using this bio filter for my outdoor garden pong and it works great on keeping the water clear. Easy setup easy maintenance.

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