Fountain Maintenance Kit (414)

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  • REASSURANCE- Always have a spare pump on standby so your pet always has access to clean, flowing water
  • ECONOMICAL- Save on buying these as separate items and includes 4 month’s supply of cartridges
  • GENUINE QUALITY DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURER- For use with all Dog Mate and Cat Mate Pet Fountains
  • EASY to replace pump with 0.5M cable and extremely low 2-watt energy consumption
  • LOW MAINTENANCE- 3 stage cartridges also incorporate de-ionising media to reduce limescale- ideal in hard water areas

This fountain maintenance kit comes with all you need for your Cat Mate or Dog Mate pet fountain. Including a spare pump (transformer supplied separately), cleaning brush, 4 replacement 3 stage filters and detailed cleaning instructions to really extend the life of your pump. This kit will give you 4 month's supply of cartridges which can also be purchased separately. The high quality genuine 3 stage filter cartridges have been designed to maintain clean, fresh tasting drinking water for your pet when fitted to your Cat Mate or Dog Mate Pet Fountain. These cartridges are triple action. Firstly, the fine polymer filter fibers trap hair, dirt and food residue thereby improving the life of the pump. Secondly the highly activated filter carbon removes odors including chlorine and greatly improves the taste of the water, making it attractive to even the fussiest pets. Thirdly the ion exchange resin helps prevent harmful scaling deposits by softening the water. The cartridges arrive individually wrapped and should be rinsed in cold tap water before use. These should be replaced monthly, or sooner if they become clogged. Never run your Cat Mate or Dog Mate fountain without a genuine Cat / Dog Mate cartridge fitted. They will fit our whole range of Cat and Dog Mate Fountains. All Cat Mate and Dog Mate feeders, fountains and product accessories are manufactured from food grade, BPA free plastics. Contents: Fountain pump (transformer supplied separately), cleaning brush, 4 x 3 Stage Replacement Filter Cartridges & Cleaning Instructions.

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