Cat Mate Single Replacement Ice Pack for the C20 and C200 Feeder

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This genuine Cat Mate Replacement Ice Pack is specifically designed for the Cat Mate C20 and C200 (Ref 201 and 401)timed feeders and for the Closer Pets CP200 (CP401) Feeder. The Cat Mate C200 and C20, as well as the Closer Pets CP200 Feeders come with one ice pack, this spare will allow you to always have one ready to go! The ice packs are sealed and never need to be refilled. For optimal use, we recommend keeping the ice pack in the freezer for approximately 4 to 6 hours prior to use. All genuine Cat Mate ice packs are covered by a 12 Month Warranty.

Key features:

  • Made for the Cat Mate C20 and C200 Feeders and the Closer Pets CP200 Feeder
  • Hassle-Free Sealed Ice Packs never need Refilling
  • Helps Keep Your Pet's Food Fresh
  • Genuine Cat Mate Brand Replacement Ice Pack
  • 12 Month Warranty

EAN: 035368009006

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