Cat Mate Single Replacement Ice Pack for the C20, C50, and C200 Feeder

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Customer Reviews

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Extra icepak for an excellent feeder

Love the cat mate feeder !!! This extra icepak allows me to use 2X per day. Works perfectly and my furbaby is very happy.

Bought 3 to Rotate

I bought 3 to rotate around different times of the day since it only lasts 3-4 hours. I however leave it overnight because my cat wants to eat at 6:30am and I want to sleep in. I don't know if the food stays cold, but I have the food refrigerated beforehand. Thankfully they're covered so less bacteria building up.

Shellie Perreault
Single Replacement Ice Pack: C20, C50, and C200 Pet Feeder (900)

I love the C200 feeder and bought these ice packs in case I forget to freeze a set. They work well, for the feeder etc, and make feeding wet food healthy and easy for my cats. My only caveat to these ice packs is that they tend to bubble or get weird bumps in them that preven them from laying flat under the food dishes. I have tried completely thawing and refreezing, but for whatever reason they freeze into funny shapes. They still do the job they are designed to do.

Single Replacement Ice Pack: C20, C50, and C200 Pet Feeder (900)

They fit perfectly

Single Replacement Ice Pack: C20, C50, and C200 Pet Feeder (900)

This was actually very difficult to find considering I just bought the automatic pet feeder a month or so earlier. I was very happy that closer pets had it available, shopping was quick and free. The item for just as I needed it to. I'm very pleased

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