Two-level 100 Fl. Oz. Shell Pet Fountain – White / Blue (412)

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There’s nothing quite like a lovely few laps of clean, fresh water for bright eyes and happy faces, and that’s where the Shell Pet Fountain – comes in!

Suitable for both dogs and cats, this modern three-liter drinking fountain features a unique shell attachment to create the gentle sound of flowing water. Many of our beloved companions enjoy drinking running water – after all, it’s not quite as inviting to sip from a bowl where the water’s been hanging around…

This handy product from Cat Mate makes hydration one of the highlights of the day, with its multi-height drinking levels to suit all cats and small doggies, and super-quiet, filtered, free-flowing water that’s packed with oxygen! No plumbing is required, just keep the fountain topped up to the maximum level with cold tap water.

Key features:

  • Pump guaranteed for 12 months
  • 3-year guarantee on fountain
  • Suitable for cats and small dogs
  • 100 Fl. Oz. capacity
  • Multi-height drinking stations
  • Low 2-watt power consumption
  • Shell attachment for waterfall effect
  • P.S. (Isolated Pump System) for super-quiet operation
  • Easily visible max. and min. water level indicators, plus distinct water noise when level is low
  • 3-stage filtration ensures healthy drinking water for your pet and helps prevent harmful scaling deposits (replacement cartridges are available here). We recommend you change the filter every month
  • Easy-to-clean, dishwasher-proof bowls.

Product specifications and additional info:

  • Low-voltage power supply with 3m (10’) lead


EAN: 035368004124 


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