Two-meal Automatic Pet Feeder (C200)

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Keep your cats and dogs fed and happy while you’re out of the house with the Closer Pets C200 Automatic Pet Feeder. This modern food dispenser features two timer-operated compartments, which open to serve 400g of wet food at the times of your choosing. If you’ve got two cats or a small dog, you can link the lids, so they open at the same time, to save any dinnertime duels!

There can be a gap of 48 hours between the servings, meaning this two-bowl feeder is a handy solution if you’re away for the weekend. You can also use it when you’re at home, of course – this new device should keep your pets distracted while you work from home or enjoy a hard-earned weekend sleep-in!

Key features:

  • Suitable for two cats or a small dog
  • Easy-to-use 48-hour quartz timers
  • Two large food bowls each hold 400g (14 oz) of wet food
  • Ice pack (included) helps keep food fresh
  • Lid-link clip ensures simultaneous opening of both lids for feeding two cats or small dogs
  • Easy-to-clean, removable, dishwasher-proof lids and bowls
  • Fly-proof 
  • Tamper-resistant to pets.
  • Additional ice packs, bowls, and lids are available for purchase.

Product specifications and additional info:

  • Requires 1 x AA battery (not included) for approximately 12 months’ operation
  • May be easily fastened to a wooden board for extra stability, if required
  • 3-year guarantee.


EAN: 035368014017


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