Cat Mate Wall Liner (303)

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Customer Reviews

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Verified Customer
Works great

I needed two of these to fill the full depth of my exterior wall. The cats can get in and out and it only took a few minutes to install. However, two extenders made for an exact fit. If your wall is a little narrower or deeper you'll need to cut it down, so make sure you have a hacksaw or table saw on hand.

Cheap plastic, but does what is supposed to.

I installed a cat door through a wall to our deck, so needed four of these to connect, which adds up to nearly 7 inches. To connect two pieces, they need to overlap by about an inch, so I needed to order one more than I planned, and I had to saw off the extra material, which wasn't easy with the wrong kind of saw.After all that, the cats will only go out through it, then they get stuck outside . I'm not sure why, except that maybe it is difficult for them to make the slight jump up into what amounts to a little tunnel, which is uncomfortable for them to crawl through? I don't think it's a flaw of the product, but it is a bummer that I went through all the time and expense, and it isn't working for us.

Pat James
Expensive but useful.

Delivery extremely quick. Product asdescribed however the price of these when buying a number of them is expensive. I needed them to go through a new extension wall that measures 38cms.

Good product. Make sure you measure carefully before cutting

Easy to fit. Pity did not come in Brown or did I miss that option! Needed to buy the wall gap filler as I did not check when I bought the cat flap how thick the door panel was! Very easy to cut but do measure twice before cutting. I did have to buy long screws as I did not want to cut a bigger hole and fit a wooden lining. A bit of a game aligning the holes. Very pleased as are Ragdoll cats.


Absalute value for money great product

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