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Here at Closer Pets, we’re firm believers of an easy life for pet owners and precious pets alike. That’s why you can always trust us to work hard behind the scenes, dreaming up innovative new products that are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. 

With that in mind, we’re excited to introduce you to two brand-new products from our range of accessories and spares that have been carefully crafted for cats and dogs – namely, our Pet Wipes Pack and our Cat Mate Stainless Steel Bowls x2 (suitable for One-meal and Two-meal Automatic Pet Feeders).

Read on to discover just how great these new products will be for your furry friends…

Pet Wipes Pack

We all love our pets – true story – but, let’s face it, they do have a tendency to be mucky little rascals at times! Well, to come clean, we’ve got you covered, in the handy pocket-sized form of our Pet Wipes Pack. Here’s why we’re confident you’ll be keen to add these to your pet-friendly bag of tricks:

1. Cat- and dog-friendly

Our Closer Pets Pet Wipes Pack is handily suitable for both cats and dogs, meaning nobody can dodge a good spot-clean, from noses to paws, after roaming around in the great outdoors – try as they might. Not only will these wipes keep your pets fresh as a daisy after spending time outside, but the plus for owners is that your furniture will be free of messy pawprints too – win, win!

Naturally, our four-legged friends have to ‘do their business’ at regular times of the day, or will sometimes have little accidents. No need to worry, though – another reason why our convenient Pet Wipes Pack is so useful to have close to hand is that everyone and everything can be cleaned up in a flash in between washes, so that you and your pets can resume your daily activities.

2. Unscented and biodegradable

It’s always wise to use products that are made specifically for pets, as cats and dogs have a different pH than we humans. Also, unlike us, our cuddly companions are, of course, very likely to lick themselves throughout the day!

Our pet wipes are fragrance-free, meaning you can be sure that they’re 100% pet-friendly and won’t cause any tummy upsets, plus they’re gentle enough to use around your cat or dog’s eye area without causing irritation. Did you know that they’re even ideal for cleaning your pet feeders?

One more thing we think you’ll be on board with: at Closer Pets, we understand that many of our pet owners are thinking ‘green’ nowadays, which is why we’ve made sure that our pet wipes are biodegradable, and therefore environmentally friendly. Great for your carbon pawprint.

3. Durable and convenient

As you’ve seen, our Pet Wipes Pack is an excellent all-round choice for many reasons, plus you get 40 in each pack so there’s plenty to go round. Each unscented wipe is super-strong and the pack itself is resealable and really lightweight, meaning you can pop it in your rucksack or bag when you’re out and about, without feeling weighed down with all your other pet kit!

Stainless Steel Bowls

If you’re anything like the team at Closer Pets, you’ll carefully plan your day around mealtimes – and it’s certainly no different for our cute companions, who seem to have a remarkably good memory when it comes to treat time. We believe in choice for all, and while plastic bowls may well suit your needs perfectly, we can also now offer our very own Cat Mate Stainless Steel Bowls x2 as an alternative – read on to find out more!

1. Suitable for wet or dry food

We believe our Cat Mate Stainless Steel Bowls x2 are a welcome addition to our range for many reasons, and we’re firstly keen to point out that they’re suitable for your small dogs as well as your cats. No fighting, now – form an orderly queue!

Talking of versatility, stainless steel ticks all the boxes of being hygienic, non-toxic, tasteless and non-allergic, ensuring that our bowls are safe as houses to use for serving up wet and dry food alike. Being non-porous also means that food substances don’t have a chance of sinking in before your pet sinks their teeth in.

2. Easy to use (and eat from!)

All of our Closer Pets products are designed with quality in mind, as we understand just how important your little companions are – and we’re sure you’ll agree that our Cat Mate Stainless Steel Bowls x2 will get the paws up, all round.

From the folded, smooth edges and rounded corners, the beauty of these bowls is that they won’t rust, and there’s not a sharp corner in sight – which only leaves those hungry mouths to simply delve in! When it comes to cleaning-up time, you can either give the bowls a wipe-round with our handy Pet Wipes Pack, or they’re really easy to hand-wash or safe to pop in the dishwasher.

3. Made to last

Our Cat Mate Stainless Steel Bowls x2 are made from high-quality stainless steel, meaning it’s both lightweight and built to last. As much as your keen canines or feisty felines may try and bite the bowls in their eagerness to guzzle their food, they certainly won’t break them any time soon!

With the onset of environmental awareness and the increased need to improve our carbon footprint, Closer Pets is always looking for better ways to produce ‘green’ products. With that in mind, stainless steel is a fantastic eco-friendly material to use for our bowls. 

Discover our range today!

We put pets at the heart of our business, and we aim to bring you and your pets closer while making life as easy as possible – freeing you up for more fun pursuits.

Here at Closer Pets, we’re sure that you and your furry friends will enjoy the many benefits to be had from our Pet Wipes Pack and Cat Mate Stainless Steel Bowls x2 – just two products from our exciting new range of accessories and spares.

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