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Locking Dog Door FAQs

Locking doggie doors work in much the same way as a standard door. It uses a hole in the wall or door to allow access for the dog, with a flap to keep the weather out. What's different is that a locking doggie door can be secured. They can recognize either your dog's microchip or a Pet Mate I.D. disc that comes with the door. As your dog approaches the door, it will automatically open, allowing free access. Once the chip or tag is out of range, the door will lock shut. There is also a manual closure for extra flexibility.

Most dog flap doors sold by Closer Pets can also be used by cats. The door action is light enough for even a small cat to use. You will need to provide a Pet Mate I.D. disc or program the cat's microchip to recognize the cat though.

Otherwise, cats and dogs can use the dog flap door with no problems!

Yes, locking dog flaps are relatively easy to fit. You’ll need to make a hole in your door or wall, but otherwise, they are very straightforward to install. Simply measure the opening required for the dog flap and cut a hole in the door or wall. Place the flap either side of the hole, fill in any gaps and secure into place. If you have a glass door, you’ll need the help of a glazier.

Program the locking dog flap with your dog’s microchip number or use the Pet Mate I.D. disc. Then simply train your dog to use the flap. That’s it!

No, our locking dog doors do not need mains power. They are battery operated and require no leads or electrical connection. The locking mechanism is built into the door for minimal maintenance.

The batteries should last at least a year and will warn you when they are running low. Check them regularly to avoid an indignant dog and change them using the instructions included with the door.

Yes, you can manually lock the doggie door. Each door has a manual mechanism that overrides the automatic one. That way, you retain full control over when your dog can come and go.

Manual locking is ideal for when you’re away from home and don’t want to leave the door open for visitors. You can also lock it overnight to keep pets indoors or for any other reason you choose.