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Cat Mate Electromagnetic Cat Flap – White (254W)Cat Mate Electromagnetic Cat Flap – White (254W)

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Magnetic Cat Flaps FAQs

A magnetic cat flap works exactly the same as a normal flap except it has a locking mechanism on the flap. That mechanism can only be opened by a Cat Mate collar magnet, which is supplied with the flap.

As your cat approaches the flap, it recognizes the magnet and opens the door. As soon as they go out of range, the door locks again. Your cat(s) can come and go as they please while all other cats won’t be able to open the door.

Yes, all magnetic cat flaps from Closer Pets can be installed in metal doors. You can use them in wood and UPVC doors and walls too. You could even fit one to a glass door as long as you have a glazier cut a hole or use a pane with a hole already cut.

Magnetic cat door flaps use a single battery to provide power. Mains power is too unwieldy and requires a cable so we designed a small battery compartment within the cat flap to provide power.

It uses a 1x PP3 battery to provide around 1 year of use. Make sure to check the battery periodically to avoid annoying your cat, otherwise, it requires no maintenance.

Yes, you can use a magnetic cat flap for more than one cat. You’ll need Cat Mate collar magnets for each cat to allow them access, but otherwise, every cat you own can come and go as they please.

Each cat door comes with two Cat Mate collar magnets. You can buy extras in our store.

Yes, you can buy extra Cat Mate collar magnets. We manufacture both the magnet and the magnetic cat flap and can supply any spares you might need.

We can provide replacement or extra Cat Mate collar magnets, replacement doors, replacement mechanisms and everything you need to keep your cat happy!

You certainly can replace a manual cat door with a magnetic cat flap. They are essentially the same fit, so should work without having to adjust the hole.

Make sure to order the same size cat flap as you have now, otherwise you may have to adjust the hole. Simply remove the old cat door and replace it with your new magnetic cat flap. Easy!