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Manual Cat Flaps FAQs

Choosing a manual cat flap is easy. All you need to do is find the right size for your cat and the right color for your door.

Cat flaps come mainly in brown and white as that’s the color of wood or UPVC. Find the size your cat will be able to use comfortably, match the color of the cat flap to your door if you want to and use that. Easy!

It is very easy to fit a manual cat flap as long as you’re comfortable with using basic tools. It’s just a case of measuring the hole you need, marking it out, cutting the hole, placing either side of the cat flap over the hole, filling any gaps and securing into place.

If you have a glass door, you’ll need a glazier or replacement pane with a hole already cut. For wood and UPVC, simple tools are all you need. All cat flaps come with full fitting instructions.

Manual cat flaps from Closer Pets have been carefully designed to be light enough for any cat to use but robust enough to keep the majority of the weather out.

There is a balance to be struck between being easy for a cat to use and being weatherproof and we think we have stuck that balance. Our cat flaps will keep rain and wind out to a degree but extreme weather may make its way through.

Yes, you can use a manual cat flap for a larger cat. Our cat doors come in a range of sizes suitable for small cats up to large ones. Each product description has a size indicator that gives you an accurate idea of the size of cat that can comfortably use it.

If you don’t see the correct size for your cat, contact one of our team for help. Otherwise, check out the dog flaps as one of those might be more suitable!

Once you have installed your cat flap, you have two options. You can leave it for your cat to figure it out, which they do, or you can show them how it works.

To teach a cat to use a cat flap, introduce them to it, show how they can push open the flap and gently push them through. Alternatively, leave your cat on one side of the door and go to the other side with a tasty treat. Call them and encourage them to use the door. If your call won’t encourage them, the treat certainly will!